About the Publisher

HVG-ORAC Publishing House Ltd. was founded as an Austrian-Hungarian joint venture in 1992. Following a change in the ownership structure, it is the Hungarian partner of LexisNexis Group today, which is a leading global network of publishers for lawyers, undergraduates and professionals interested in business and legal solutions.

In the ’90s, Loose-leaf books were among our first publications and are very popular to date. Subscribers of these products can easily keep up with the development of various law fields even among rapid changes. These publications provide the most comprehensive legal commentaries on the Hungarian market.

HVG-ORAC publishes digests of court rulings in the form of Journals that keep track of the jurisprudence of all major courts (the Curia, the Court of Constitution, the European Court of Justice). There are 15 Journals altogether, ranging from thematic periodicals to comprehensive ones.

HVG-ORAC Handbooks are widely popular. In addition to the major law fields, HVG-ORAC also focuses on catering for the needs of professionals working in niche markets. HVG-ORAC also proud to generate value by publishing high quality academic works.

HVG-ORAC is also part of law education. Its Schoolbooks are used in various law faculties, among them foreign ones. Practicing lawyers can improve themselves on HVG-ORAC Seminars, where they can also consult respected experts of a given law field.

Our on-line electronic product line launched in 2000 provides legal database, loose-leaf books, e-books and fill-in forms for the customers with excellent search functions at an affordable price.

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